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Enjoy the Club House!

Come and join us in a relaxed setting that young and old can enjoy swapping stories and meeting new friends. During our ATA Northwest Zone, ATA Registered, SCTP, CWTA, CWSL and Chicken Shoots food is available to the shooters. We have a full kitchen facility and master chefs at making hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and french fries. Nobody goes away hungry. The coffee pot is always brewing!

Club History!

In 1949, the Wood County Conservation League originally leased the current property for $300.00 per year. We would like to thank the founders that eventually purchased the property for the Club and renamed the organization Heart of Wisconsin Sportsmans Club.

Juniors League!

Dedicated to supporting youth education, development, and shooting skills we offer training for any Junior that is interested in becoming a Junior shooter. Juniors must have completed the hunters safety program. Juniors must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or adult mentor for their first time shooting.

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8 Trap Fields & 2 Skeet Fields

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Calendar of Events

Sign-up for a fall league event today! Starts August 31st.


Elections are coming up. If you are interested in making a difference at the club run for one of our open positions- President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and three board positions. Come to the August 15th meeting to be nominated. Voting will take place in September.



Check out our new website! Heartofwisportsmanclub.org Thanks to the UWSP Computing and New Media Technologies students for putting it together. Stay tuned for updates when this site will be shut down.


If you need to contact us please use our new e-mail: heartofwisc@gmail.com.


Help us save a tree and a stamp! Please follow the link to tell us if you would like to receive your newsletters electronically or hard copy. Thank you!


Heart of Wisconsin's Sportsmans Club - Summer League Rules

2017 Wednesday Night Summer Handicap Trap League Rules
These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Summer League Rules Committee.
1. Each team will consist of 5 regular shooters plus sub(s).
2. There is a mandatory membership requirement for all league shooters. Either a $10.00 summer league only membership or an annual membership ($30.00 new individual-$35....00 new family) must be paid before the 2nd week of league. Any individual non-member sub must also purchase either membership after their 4th week as a sub for any team. Fees are the responsibility of the team captain. See Secretary for the $10.00 league membership sign up paper.
3. Starting time will be 6:30 p.m. Practice night will be April 27th. First league night will begin May 4th and continue for 14 weeks.
4. Sponsor & entry fee will be $50.00 per team due on or before May 4th before the team shoots.
5. Team target fees of $45.00 ($9.00 per shooter for 50 targets) are to be paid by the captain to the cashier each Wednesday prior to the team’s participation.
6. Any junior shooting on an adult team will pay $9.00 for 50 targets. Juniors who shoot on a junior team will be shooting at the 5:30 p.m. time slot.  They would pay $6.00 per 50 rounds. They will have High Average and High Gun awards.
7. Once sponsorship, membership, and/or shooting fees are paid, there will be no refunds for any reason.
8. The first week of qualifying all teams will shoot from the 20 yd. line; the second week will be at the 22 yd. line, the 3rd week from the 24 yd. line, and the 4th week from the 26 yd. line. Juniors will shoot on the 16 yd. line the 2nd week will be handicapped yardage. Scores on the qualification rounds WILL NOT be posted until after the fourth week.
9. After the first 4 weeks of qualifying teams will be placed in one of five classes (number of classes subject to change). Any team or person that does not wish to shoot the qualification rounds will remain at their average and not be given the 5 bird deduction. On the 5th week, teams in each class will start on handicapped yardage determined by the number of teams participating and their qualifying scores. The highest qualifying team will shoot the longest yardage and the lowest qualifying team will shoot the shortest yardage. Random draw will determine all teams time slot and all scores will start over at zero.
10.  Teams can volunteer to move up a class on night of classification with approval from the Board of Directors. Note: Teams must indicate at the captain’s meeting if they will be taking advantage of their right to move up one class out of their classified division.
11.  Each week after classification the 1st place team in each division will be separated from the 2nd place team by 2 yds or more. Multiple teams in the same class may shoot at the same yardage.
12.  Prior to the 5th week, check the scheduled shooting times as each class will shoot at the same time slot if possible.
13.  If a shooter is not present to shoot the first 25 targets, he/she can make up those targets on the next available time slot providing the shooter is present and on time for the second round.
14.  Any error in scoring during shooting must be corrected before shooter shoots again. Any error in scoring must be corrected that night, or error will stand. The Heart will post all scores each week, except for the 4 weeks of qualifications. Captains do not post scores. Subs score must be marked as a sub. Put their name down with sub written behind it and the name of who they’re subbing for. This is important!!!
15. Captains are responsible for checking shooting time, trap and yardage on their courtesy pre-made score sheet against the posted score sheet on the bulletin board. Any discrepancies need to be brought to the attention of a Board Director or Officer so the error can be fixed before shooting begins. If a captain is negligent verifying any of the above and in the event the team shoots at an incorrect time, trap or yardage, the team will be responsible for arranging to re-shoot on a different open night at the correct time, yard, or trap, pay a scorer if needed and pay the normal fee for league night.
16. Field Judges will be a Director of the Heart. Listing of the Directors is posted on the board.
17. Trap #3 may be available as a practice/breakdown trap depending on the number of teams. Traps will be set between 5:00 & 5:30 p.m. Once the traps are set there will be no adjustment of the trap by any shooter other than a Board of Director. ATA rules apply for adjusting traps. Any adjustments must be made before shooting commences.
18.  If a trap breaks down, that team will move to an available trap as determined by a Board Director.
19.  Shooting will not be canceled because of rain, only lightening. Any team that refuses to shoot in the rain will use their averages minus 10 birds, except the first four weeks of qualifying.
20.  Delays or cancellations to be determined by the Board of Directors.
*21.  Team makeup must be shot prior to Wednesday shoot night, not after. The makeup can be done at any time. If a team cannot shoot a make- up round, they will use their average minus 5 birds per shooter.
*22.  Any individual shooter or team may shoot ahead of their league night and their assigned time slot if that shooter or team cannot be there. That person or team must shoot in the week of or prior to the week they will miss. That shooter or team will be responsible for having any authorized club key holder, not a team member, open and score for them. If any individual shooter or team can’t shoot in the week prior to their league night they will use their average minus 5 birds per individual or team.
23.  The Summer League Banquet, shoot-offs, and awards will be held on the next available Wednesday after league is completed.  Teams are responsible for verifying their own team members shoot-offs. Shoot-offs will begin at 6:30 p.m. Any team not present for their shoot-off when called will forfeit. Ties for High Average or High Gun for class will shoot-off at the longest yard of their class. High Average takes precedent over High Gun.
24.  Only one High Average or High Gun trophy per person. To be eligible for either you have to shoot a minimum of 11 weeks. High Average is calculated on 11 weeks. You can throw out up to 3 low scores for High Average.
                                                                  SUBSTITUE SHOOTERS
25.  There will be a sub list to sign up on in the Clubhouse.
26.  Regular team shooters cannot sub.
27.  All sub scores will not exceed the average of the absent shooter by a maximum of 5 targets. If the subs score is less than the absent shooters average, that will be the posted score.
28.   If no sub is available, the absent shooters score will be his/her 50 target average minus 5 birds. If absent shooter does not have an average, remaining team members average from the night will be used to calculate score.
29.  No subs will participate when a regular team member is present and capable of shooting. Subs are not eligible for awards.
30.  A sub that is signed to a specific team may shoot for other teams.
Revised April 19, 2016

It is our club policy to not carry in alcohol. We do sell beer on site. Please support our club by buying beer at the club. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

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